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Optimizes your system performance by repairing or tweaking some of its areas
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SystemBoosterPro is a lightweight tool that intends to optimize your system performance by repairing or tweaking some of its key areas. They include the CPU, RAM memory, video memory, network, system resources and registry. The program analyzes each one of them and then shows you a report of the detected issues. Then you can fix or optimize them all with just one click.

What makes SystemBoosterPro different from many other system optimizers is its capacity to tweak some Windows internal parameters in order to make the most of your hardware components (i.e. your CPU, RAM memory and video memory). Windows default configuration is obviously not optimized for any particular system, but includes multiple parameters that can be tweaked to correct it. Doing it manually, however, is rather difficult and risky even for experts. That's why an app like SystemBoosterPro comes in handy to any system administrator or even standard user.

However, there are some drawbacks to be mentioned about this tool as well. Firstly, even though the program lists all the sub-areas that will be analyzed in your registry, you cannot select them individually. The other areas doesn't even list sub-areas. This means that you can only select what will be optimized on your system by entire areas. Secondly, the program doesn't show you much information about the detected issues - it simply tells you the number of detected ones per area, and its influence level on your system's performance. Thirdly, and even more serious, the program limits itself to listing the detected issues, but doesn't repair/optimize anything until you register it. In other words, it's impossible to determine how effective the program is at optimizing your system from its trial version.

In conclusion, I would say that the program's trial version doesn't really help to make a buying decision. Therefore, my recommendation for any user requiring a system optimization would be to keep looking for another tool of this kind, as there are many others on the software market that truly allow you to test their power and effectiveness before needing to make a buying decision.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Optimizes Windows to make the most of your hardware components
  • Optimizes all the areas of your registry
  • Select the areas of your system to be analyzed/optimized


  • Select what will be optimized on your system by entire areas only
  • Doesn't show you complete information about the detected issues
  • Doesn't allow you to determine its effectiveness from it trial version
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